Going Concern

Mergers and acquisitions mobile app design


1.- Handled all UX/UI design.
2.- User Research
3.- Mid - Fi Prototyping
4.- Presentation with the CEOs for alignment of ideas  
5.- User Testing
6.- Hi - Fi Interactive Prototype
7.- Final presentation


“Going Concern” is a financial company that matches investors with company sellers and guides both parts through the complex M&A process.

For those that are not familiar with financial jargon, M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) is the term to describe the consolidation of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions. It usually goes from the matching of an investor to a company seller all the way to the signing and money transactions.

The problem

After running some interviews and talking with the stakeholder we had a clear understanding of what were the main pain points and who was the most affected by them. The M&A process requires a lot of communication between the investor and the company seller. Usually, the investors have a lot of experience and had invested in companies many times before while the company seller usually has way less experience or none. Another substantial pain point is the different means of communication and the amount of paperwork that has to be sent back and forth.

User Personas

This project required 2 personas that represent different generations and have the same objectives but very different motivations and pain points. It's important to keep in mind that these personas are closer to the German model since the company operates in Berlin.

Problem Statement

Having already our personas and based on the research done we could come with a problem statement that can properly represent both users:

Max/Markus is selling his company but he’s overwhelmed by the use of different means of communication, technical jargon, and paperwork he needs to handle. ’’

User Journey

The user journey helped us to more clearly see where in the process the users were having more problems. In this case, both our users have the same pain points but the reason for these pain points is, in some cases, different from each other given the difference in age and motivations.

Mid-Fi Prototype

We presented the mid-fi prototype to the stakeholders to get feedback and make all the required changes and iterations before starting with the hi-fi version. This helped them understand what we were aiming for and visually see a close representation of what the final version layout and IA will look like. Their feedback also helped us to understand more in-depth some details we missed in the previous conversations.

Style Tile

The company provided us with all the required graphic elements we needed for the final design. Following a bit of the trend, we decided to go for a darker mode which is not only less aggressive to the eyes but also has a good balance between business and modern


The project was successfully presented to the stakeholders and was received with great excitement.