Booking and managing software

My tasks included:
• Designed the “Booking Experience” for skydiving services.
• Designed the internal managing software for the skydiving industry.
• Worked in an Agile fashion with remote reviewing once per week.

The Problem

Skydiving companies manage all their bookings and personnel with a software called Manifester. (To manifest someone means to put the person on a plane to jump). This software serves as the brain of the company. The problem is that the solutions available are, or very outdated or not user friendly at all which causes efficiency problems and poor user experience for workers and clients alike.

User research  

The project started by contacting the biggest Skydiving company in Germany “Go Jump Berlin” and asking them about what do they like and dislike about the system they’re currently using. They gladly accepted and helped us along the way by answering our questions and giving us constant feedback. They also provided us with lots of information about their business like the number of jumpers per day, how they manage to use the system they currently have, and ideas on how to make our system as user-friendly as possible.

User personas

We had 2 main personas, the first is the front desk worker of the company known as "Manifester" and our second persona would be a Tandem Jumper that is trying to have his first experience with skydiving. The problems of both personas are closely related to each other. By solving one persona's problem, indirectly, we are also solving the other one and vice versa.


The Manifester software also allows to set up products and promotions that are sold on the company’s webpage. This is the only part of the software that clients will interact with. Users can buy jumps for themselves or vouchers to be redeemed anytime.

Problem statement

Having already our personas and based on the research done we could come with a problem statement that can properly represent both users:

“ Jane/Thomas wants a more efficient Dropzone so they can focus on having a good time.  ’’

User journey

The user journey helped us to more clearly see where in the process the users were having more problems. In this case, both our users have the same pain points but the reason for these pain points is, in some cases, different from each other given the difference in age and motivations.

Bookings old design

After doing some tests and showing the design to our users we realised that this version had a big flaw, that could only show 3 jumpers at the same time without scrolling down. Usually the case is that there will be way more jumpers to check in and it would be tricky to manage the flow of people with this design.

Bookings new design

The new version allows to visualise more jumpers without having to scroll and also the list showed the jumpers by group with the person that did the booking at the top of the list.

Manifester old design

Once the jumpers did the check in they move to the manifester here they are assigned to a plane. Again the problem here was the list on the left which took too much space hiding a lot of jumpers under the fold.

Manifester new design

The new design allows to visualise more jumpers without scrolling and the visual style is softer for long periods of use.